On this page, you will find answers to the most common questions regarding the use of our e-learning portal. The explanations here refer exclusively to the BASIC version. If your question has not been answered or if you have further questions about our ADVANCED or PREMIUM package, you are very welcome to contact us directly by e-mail info@academy-agor.de or phone  +49 (0) 69 – 9494 32 410  (link to contact form).

For entrepreneurs

AGOR Learning Management Software (LMS) is a cloud-based e-learning platform used for the training and qualification of employees and partners in the company.

The AGOR LMS is a product of AGOR AG and part of the AGOR AG ACADEMY. AGOR has been a company specializing in data protection and data security since 2006. AGOR AG has applied its experience in the field of corporate knowledge transfer to bring another product with high-quality content into the digital age.

You as an entrepreneur are thus comprehensively supported in the area of online training and e-learning. With the help of the AGOR e-learning platform and the standardized courses, the employees of a company can be trained flexibly at any time, from any place, whether with a laptop or mobile device.

If you purchase one of our standard courses, the BASIC version of our platform is free of charge. You only pay the costs for the standard course and receive a separate access code for each employee. You will also receive group leader access so that you can check the standard courses conducted by employees via the dashboard/control centre. For our ADVANCED and PREMIUM platform versions, please contact us so that we can prepare a suitable offer according to the services you require.

You can buy your standard course in the BASIC platform version here directly via the shopping cart or contact us and pay by invoice. You will then receive an invoice and transfer the specified amount. As soon as we have received the amount, you will receive the access to the courses (for your employees and group leaders). You will receive a code for each booked course, which you can send to your employees. Here is a clearer description of the procedure after purchasing the standard courses].

Our standard courses are also xAPI and SCROM-compatible, which means that you can integrate these courses, including the quiz questions, into your own platform.

With the help of our INDIVIDUAL department, we can also create e-learning units individually tailored to your company.

This is not possible in the BASIC platform version. In the free BASIC version you can only use our standard courses. However, the ADVANCED or PREMIUM platform variant is available to you for this. These two variants provide platform models that can be individually configured for you and which you can also use to implement your own materials.

In the BASIC platform variant, this can be left out, as you cannot integrate your own courses. For the ADVANCED and PREMIUM platform variants, the use of Tin Can /xAPI and SCORM is supported by simply uploading and executing the file (zip file) in the ADVANCED or PREMIUM variant. The price results are also saved in the latter two variants.

On the one hand there are the accesses/accounts for your employees and on the other hand you receive group leader accesses with the help of which the respective group leader can check certain employees assigned to him and their progress in his dashboard/control center.

The AGOR Learning Platform offers various possibilities to query the acquired knowledge. Multiple-choice questions, optionally with multiple answer, true/false selection and text input as short answer, essay piece and hotspot pictures. Immediate feedback appears on the answers entered.

The BASIC platform version is available in German and English. Our standard courses can be taken in German and English. We can offer our individually created courses in German, English, French, Russian, Albanian and Russian.

We offer that a certain number of group leaders (e.g. head of personnel, head of sales, etc.) can check if and to what extent your employees have completed the standard courses. The group leaders can then view this via the dashboard/control center (top right of the browser). Here the individual course and learning progress can be tracked for each user. In addition, a statistical activity overview of the progress of the user groups can be displayed. In order for you to fully meet your compliance requirements as an entrepreneur, the results can also be easily exported and documented.

If you have purchased a standard course using our BASIC model, any of your employees can take the course once within one year. If you would like to repeat the course, please contact us (possibly with a discount and a question about the technical procedure).

No, you do not need to. You only need an internet browser and internet access. Each platform variant works with Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Safari and Firefox. The AGOR Learning Platform and its courses are also designed to be responsive, which means that you can also conduct the courses using your tablet or smartphone without installing an additional app or the like.

This is not possible in the BASIC platform version. However, the ADVANCED and PREMIUM platform variants are available for this purpose. Please contact us for this (link to contact page) either by e-mail info@academy-agor.de or telephone +49 (0) 69 – 9494 32 410.

The AGOR Learning Platform belongs to AGOR AG, a company based and managed in Germany. We rely on ISO zertifizierte European hosting providers and data protection compliant data processing, as well as SSL-Zertifizierung, redundant servers and regular backups. In addition, an agreement on order processing (so-called AVV) is concluded with every AGOR Learning user contract. On the basis of this agreement it is agreed and transparently recorded to what extent the user data is processed and how it is protected.

For employees

You have received an e-mail from your employer (group leader: e.g. head of personnel or head of sales) containing an access code and link for the course you want to conduct. Click on the link and you will be directed to your personal account. Here you can then start one of the courses intended for you.

Once you have completed and passed the course, you will receive your certificate at the end of the course. You can also download the certificate for a passed course at any time. You can do this in your own account by clicking in the course and clicking on the “Download certificate” button above the initial course description.

Within your account you can make adjustments to your name and password settings.

The product has been added to the cart.