Individual courses

We create individual videos and interactive e-learning units for you that precisely reflect your company’s culture, design and know-how.

As an entrepreneur you are obligated to comply with different legal and technical requirements. These range from occupational safety and data protection to the entire spectrum of criminal and civil law. In addition, the dangers of being crippled or blackmailed by cyber-attacks are constantly increasing.

Do you want to train your employees in an individual way and thus secure your company?

Learn from our experts
in various fields

This is exactly where we want to help you with our individual explanatory videos. With our team of legal advisors (lawyers), computer scientists, communication specialists and graphic designers, we offer you a team that combines legal, technical as well as visual aspects in one package and offers an all-in-one solution.

Our team of lawyers, IT-specialists and engineers offers content at the highest level. Our experienced graphic designers, developers and audio experts ensure an attractive media design.

How is an individual explanatory video created?

You may want to make a short video (clip) for your employees, in which the new requirements of Internet use are presented in a comprehensible way or in which your latest company agreement on time recording is explained briefly and concisely with the essential points to your employees.

Why us?

The all-in-one package. We develop the entire idea as well as the whole concept, and we handle the creation of the explanatory video.

  1. Idea and conception
  2. Script writing
  3. Designing the graphics
  4. Voice Over
  5. Sound Effects
  6. Finalisation of Video
One minute costs: 999EUR/MIN *Plus VAT

Video Themes

We offer a variety of graphical themes. For every theme both, individual and interactive, sequences can be added.

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